Couples Counselling for One

You are struggling with some parts of your relationship, but you want to sort it out yourself and not worry your partner with these feelings.  Or you want counselling but your partner does not want to attend. 

Couples counselling for one can be helpful in changing aspects of your relationship on your own. All aspects of your relationship will be considered throughout the process and while maintaining neutrality and considering your feelings as well as your partner's.   

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Relationship Enhancement

You feel you have drifted apart and not sure when it happened.  One day you found the person of your dreams.  You were connected, having fun and loved being with this person.  As years passed and life events happen, you find that you are no longer connected.  You wonder where your best friend went.  You may feel hurt or alone.  Or you have deeper upset feelings like resentment or anger.  

Many couples experience this in their relationship.  In our sessions, we will discuss what brought you together and discuss the hurt that pulled you apart.  We will look at how to bring you back together. 

Esther Perel (a renowned couples therapist) discusses how you will have several marriages in your lifetime but with the same partner.  Let's look at how we can create a new marriage and bring you back together,
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Couples Counselling

You may be feeling that you are having the same argument over and over again

You may feel that you have tried different ways to express your needs and feelings,

but your partner does not understand or you don't see change

Or you may feel that you cannot do anything right in the relationship and feel you

cannot express this in the relationship.

In our sessions together, I will help support both of you so you can express your feelings and be heard and understood

Many couples get stuck in a cyclical pattern where they have the same negative interaction over and over again.  I can help you understand this cyclical interaction and help you find ways to prevent it from happening.

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Infidelity/ Affairs

You have found out that your partner has been having an affair.  You may have suspect or been completely blindsided.  You have tried to sort it out with your partner, but feel that is not going anywhere.  You are feeling hurt and betrayed.  You may be feeling that your sense of security in your relationship is now gone.  There may be a part of you that wants to leave, but your family ties and history is keeping you in the relationship.  You may even go from moments of grief and sadness to anger.  This is a very confusing time and it can be difficult to know what to do.    

Or maybe you are the one who had the affair.  You did not mean for it to happen and never wanted to hurt your partner but found yourself exiting the relationship in this way.  Now you are remorseful and want to sort it out with your partner.  You may also be feeling confused on what to do next and how to help your partner, while you struggle with your feelings of grief and shame.  

This is a very stressful time in a relationship.
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Amanda Bacchus, M.S.W, R.P., R.M.F.T.

Specializing in Couples Therapy