Amanda Bacchus, M.S.W, R.P., R.M.F.T.

Specializing in Couples Therapy

Couple Counselling in Woodbridge

Relationships can be difficult, especially when it feels that you are doing everything in your power to steer it in the right direction and your partner is not responding.  

You may be feeling that you have tried everything you know how, for many years and feel like your partner does not understand you.  You may have tried to express yourself in different ways with no avail.  Or you may be feeling that you cannot express yourself in your relationship and feel shut down

While many couples enter therapy due to arguments, you don't need to argue to feel disconnected or alone in your relationship.

For some couples, therapy is their last ditch effort to save their relationshipIf you want to find ways to improve your relationship,contact me for an appointment

Couple Counselling in Woodbridge